Natural zeolite products


Natural zeolite is a unique eco-friendly mineral, which was formed over millions of years from ashes of extinct volcanos. Purifying and regulating the environment, zeolite opens the new way of living in a harmony with the nature.

The history of industrial application of zeolite dates back already more than 60 years. Nowadays this mineral is used in many spheres of activities of human-being: medicine, agriculture, environmental activity, construction and even in the space.

Yearly several million tons of zeolite are being consumed in those spheres, however, because of the limited number of zeolite fields it is not enough for domestic use products.

The main goal of our company is to make natural zeolite products accessible for all the residents of the Baltic countries: housewives, farmers, gardeners, pets-lovers, healthy life-style adhgerents and others, whom zeolite products are going to be convenient, safety and effective solution for everyday problems.