Zeolite in building industry

Natural zeolite is used as a concrete stabilizing agent in various building mixes, such as plasters and adhesive compounds, mixes for making floor and roof covering. Addition even of a small amount of zeolite in the course of making cement suspensions used in the underground consolidating walls as well as for injectable mixes for filling cable voids, improves significantly the mix stability. 


As per European standard EN 197-1, natural zeolite can be defined as a natural pozzolanic material. It improves remarkably the quality of the building products and concrete by many parameters. A higher amount of zeolite in the portland cement-zeolite mix provides for cement higher resistance to sulphates. For this reason such cement is recommended for employment in the media known for sulphates aggressive action, for example, in cement suspensions, injectable grout, and in concrete intended for casing of special foundations, for instance, water-resisting foundations.


Natural zeolite mixes with water and remains there in its natural form without losing its beneficial properties and retaining heat stability. Natural zeolite-based products help reduce CrVI content in cement and also serve as a cement corrosion-inhibiting admixure.



Like other pozzolanic materials, zeolite, when mixed with water, does not harden, however, in case of fine crushing it reacts in water with hydrate of lime, thus producing calcium silicate-aluminate componds which act as factors of steadily growing hardness.

As admixture, zeolite acts as a stabilizer, making the mix less free flowing and, accordingly, easier to use. Zeolite-containing cement suspensions have a tendency to slow sedimentation and slow solid-liquid phase separation.


Benefits of zeolite application

  • Contains 50-60 % of active SiO2
  • Improves mix stability
  • Prevents sulphate attack
  • Increases resistance to sulphates
  • Binds heavy metal ions
  • Reduces C3A volume in cement
  • Possesses high specific area
  • Has low unit weight


Dosage and recommended fractions

By applying 15 % of zeolite as type I cement substitution it is possible to achieve the same level of sulphate resistance which is characteristic of sulphate-resistant portland-cement. It is recommended to apply fractions of 50, 100 and 200 micron.


Zeolite in building industry

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Zeolite in building industry

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