Zeolite for household

Zeolite for domestic use

Due to its natural properties zeolite is very useful in housekeeping. Its property to absorb odour and dehumidify air helps to keep apartments, private houses, offices and other public rooms clean and tidy.


Housewives will appreciate zeolite application benefits when using it, for instance, for smell neutralization in refrigerator. 300 g of natural zeolite in an open can is sufficient to guarantee the absence of smell during a month. The same result is seen in case of natural zeolite application for odour and humidity control in the rooms with a high level of humidity – bathroom and toilet room.


Another interesting mode of zeolite domestic use is its application for drying and deodorizing shoes, particularly, sports shoes.  When placed inside the cotton socks, zeolite absorbs water from the shoes in a relatively short time thus facilitating removal of bad smell. As a result, in case of an overnight application, by morning the shoes will be already dry. At that, it is not less important to note that this mode of drying does not cause shoes deformation even in case of leather shoes which keep their shape for a long time.


Zeolite-containing bed for cats and other small animals

For animal lovers natural zeolite is the most useful substance for its application as a bed in cages or as a litter. Zeolite unique properties provide for maximum level of ammonia absorption removing excrements smell and humidity.


Zeolite antibacterial properties are attributable to the presence of specific electric charge on the surface of the zeolite lattice that impedes mold formation, bacteria growth, parasite and flea development. Natural zeolite bed is easy to use, non-hazardous for human and animal health, does not dirty pet hairs or paws.


Benefits of zeolite application

  • Highly efficient in removing ordour and humidity from excrements
  • Easy to use
  • Does not dirty hairs or paws
  • 100% natural material – non-hazardous for health
  • Impedes mold formation, bacteria growth, parasite and flea development



  • Cat toilet  –  the layer of about 6 cm
  • Toilet content is replaced as needed – it is recommended to be replaced every 10 days
  • The product can be utilized together with solid household waste


Water filtration in aquaria and water basins

Zeolite-containing filler can be used in aquaria or water body filters as a replacement of a standard ceramic, sandy and other filter elements. Alongside with applying natural zeolite in the cross-flow filtration systems it can be used to substitute decorative gravel in aquaria and artificial reservoirs.


Zeolite application benefits

  • Absorbs from water the substances that are harmful for fish, ammonia in the first place
  • Nontoxic, nonallergenic
  • Impedes weed occurrence
  • Keeps water transparent and biologically clean
  • Possesses esthetic decorative properties


Dosage and method of application:

Cross-flow filtration

  • Before application the filter filler should be carefully rinsed under water
  • The filler is placed in water or in the water filter
  • Optimal dosage  – 2 liters of the filler per 100 l of water amount in aquarium
  • It is recommended to replace the filler once in 2 months in order to maintain the required filter efficiency
  • Outspent fillers can be used as soil compost


Gravel for aquaria

  • Applied by scattering in the same amount as the amount of standard gravel for aquaria
  • Befor placing gravel in aquarium it should be rinsed under water
  • Gravel can be placed as the bottom layer under gravel of a different type to serve as the filtration layer


Zeolite for domestic use

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Zeolite for domestic use

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